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Vegan Leather Is Biodegradable and Plastic-Free

‘Scalable, Sustainable Antidotes to Leather’

The market is changing, but sustainable plant-based leather is still far from the mainstream. According to Joey Zwillinger, the co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds, brands have relied on “dirty” synthetics and unsustainable leather for too long, as they have prioritized “speed and cost over the environment.”

He said in a statement sent to LIVEKINDLY: “[NFW] is creating scalable, sustainable antidotes to leather, and doing so with the potential for a game-changing 98 percent reduction in carbon emissions.”

NFW’s first product was Mirum, a “revolutionary” petroleum-free, high-performance plant-based material made with renewable resources and natural waste materials. At the end of its life, Mirum can be recycled again, to create a new version of the very same material.

“Humanity’s dependence on plastic and other petroleum-based products has created a scarcity mindset that is unsustainable both for everyone’s quality of life and future of this planet,” said Luke Haverhals, the NFW’s CEO and founder, in a statement.  “A new era, one of abundance, will come from the creation of technologies based on sustainable and regenerative methods.”

He added: “At NFW, we have developed technologies like Mirum that rely on plentiful natural materials, not petroleum and plastic. We’re proud to partner with a brand helping to lead the charge into the next era. By taking responsibility over their supply chain and the products they source, Allbirds continues to set an example for eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels while continuing to give their customers the quality and performance they expect.”

Last year, Allbirds teamed up with Adidas to launch the “world’s most sustainable shoe.” At the time, an Allbirds representative told LIVEKINDLY that the brands were working to reduce impact across every element of the supply chain.

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